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1925 Gibson L5 Guitar #81339


1925 manufacture date (traditional estimates)
1927 shipment date, according to Spann's Guide to Gibson
Guitar, Style L5
Serial 81339
Factory order number unknown


1925 Gibson L-5 EXC Its low serial number of # 81339 puts it very early in 1925 and we have seen L-5's with higher serial numbers and Master Model labels. But this one has a "Guaranteed" style label and we suspect that if one were to somehow remove it that there might well be an older Master Model label underneath as we've seen that before also. The maple in the back is stunning and the sunburst top is the classic Loar coloring. The top has its original finish and one teeny weeny hairline crack above the bass f-hole. The neck, back and sides have been refinished. The back binding may be replaced. The guitar plays beautifully and the sound is right up there with the best of the best early L-5's around. Original end pin and tailpiece. Flowerpot inlay adorns the headstock and it has its original tuning pegs. It also still retains its original 'red line' case which is a bit tattered but still functional.


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  • Refinished instrument
  • Rounded ends on tuner plates


From Lowell Levinger.
Lowell Levinger operates Vintage Instruments, stocking a wonderful inventory of top-end vintage mandolin family and other hard to find musical instruments

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