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1923 Gibson Service Handbook

On the following pages you will find photographs taken of the pages of the only known copy of the Gibson Service handbook. This booklet was found in the original case of a July 9 Loar, and kindly loaned to the Mandolin Archive by the owner so that the contents could be shared. The booklet provides a fascinating window into Gibson instruments. Some care and feeding tips that were originally communicated to owners are included for mandolins, banjos, and guitars are included in the pages, as well as advertisments, lists of replacement parts, and other information that might have interested an original Gibson purchaser or dealer at the time.

If you are just browsing through, we recommend starting on page 22, where the care & feeding advice starts in earnest!

It is recommended that the reader take some of the advice in this booklet with a grain of salt- it is no longer common or advisable to clean your Loar F5 with gasoline, to pick one obvious example. It's always a good idea to ask experts before performing any maintenance on your mandolin.

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Each web page shows two facing pages of the manual in the same layout as the original booklet. You can jump to different pages using the table of contents links on the left of each page. You can also click the right-hand page to move forward, and the left-hand page to move back. These pages are optimised to view at 1280x1024 or greater resolutions.

The Archive gives very special thanks to the anonymous owner of the Loar this came with for entrusting us with this unique booklet. It is only with the help of individual owners, dealers, and collectors that we are able to expand our offerings online!

This document was added to the Archives February 26th, 2006 by Dan Beimborn. All photographs © 2006 Dan Beimborn