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Nugget Two Point Deluxe Mandolin #147


Mandolin, Style Two Point Deluxe
Serial 147


This Two Point has an Englemann Spruce top and a beautiful one piece back. It was originally a varnish gloss finish. Nugget cleaned up some dings and wear and applied some additional varnish to create his "satin" look... and boy it's a beauty. The tone is ALL THERE. It's warm and woody, in spades... seriously woody, with plenty of power and the bell tone harmonic structure that we have come to expect in Mike Kemnitzer's mandolins. The treble is sweet and crystalline with outstanding sustain. This is truly one of the most beautiful sounding Nuggets that I've had the pleasure of playing, and the twelve years of hard playing don't hurt a thing.



From Sandy Munro Music.
Sandy Munro has been representing Mike Kemnitzer for over 25 years and has accumulated fantastic records on Nugget mandolins. When instruments are available, Sandy is a great contact to find new & used Nugget instruments

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