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1938 Gibson L5 Guitar #95498


1938 manufacture date (traditional estimates)
1938 shipment date, according to Spann's Guide to Gibson
Guitar, Style L5
Serial 95498
Factory order number unknown


Yep, it's a 16" body with mid twenties style and appointments. And, it sounds like a mid to late twenties L-5 .... a real good one. Maybe this is one of those "floorsweep" models where they used up old parts because the serial number is #95498 and it sure appears to be a 1928 L-5. The professional restoration includes repairing two cracks and one jack hole on the top, a lower center seam repair on the back and a complete refinish. New gold Waverly's have been installed and the tailpiece appears original. Classic flowerpot 20's peghead.



From Lowell Levinger.
Lowell Levinger operates Vintage Instruments, stocking a wonderful inventory of top-end vintage mandolin family and other hard to find musical instruments

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