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1929 Gibson L5 Guitar #87708


1929 manufacture date (traditional estimates)
1931 shipment date, according to Spann's Guide to Gibson
Guitar, Style L5
Serial 87708
Factory order number unknown


This 1929 Gibson L-5 is a unique example of what many consider to be the best period of the L-5. The guitar is in play wear worn condition. The pick guard and mounting hardware are missing and there are two very small screws in the end of the fingerboard, that I would assume were an attempt to help in the pick guard attachment. One tuner button is also missing. There is a crack in the top parallel to the arms of the tail piece, a crack above the bass F hole and one just in from the lower bout. The sides are loose from the lining of the back at one area for about three inches. The frets are worn and loose in the fingerboard. Other than the two screws in the fingerboard, no repair has been done to the guitar. The pearloid fretboard and peg head are original and in excellent condition. No bad repair or finish work on the guitar.


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  • Unusual instrument


From Mass. Street Music.

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