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1927 Gibson F2 Mandolin #84483


1927 manufacture date (traditional estimates)
1929 shipment date, according to Spann's Guide to Gibson
Mandolin, Style F2
Serial 84483
Factory order number unknown


1927 Gibson F-2 mandolins are very uncommon. This one has suffered from the ravages of time, but retains its very good status nonetheless. The top may be slightly sinking, and it appears to have been refinished, and yet on the whole (no pun intended) it appears to be ready for another 77 years. Other non-originalities include a newer bridge and tailpiece cover, but the endpin is definitely original, as is the pickguard and its friend, the bracket. Speaking of the pickguard, there’s a small cutout that tells us that once upon a time, this mandolin had a pickup, however, there’s no mark on the neck to indicate that it was mounted in that way – maybe it was an DeArmond, but never mond, it’s gone. The lacquer has sunken a bit around the widow’s peak on the back of the neck. There is an old, repaired, barely visible heel crack, and an equally difficult to see peghead scroll reglue. The finish is blackened at the heel to cover said repair and. . . there is lacquer. It is our feeling that, when these various aberrations were first seen, it was sent (possibly back to the Gibson factory) for refinishing and, as well, the owner asked to have the body rebound including the back. Our skilled Luthieric luminaries feel that the instrument is entirely stable and, at this time, well-adjusted. A notable element of this instrument is that it has an adjustable truss rod, but even more importantly, it plays wonderfully and sounds like a honeysuckle breeze on light summer night. With it, and only an inflatable companion that won’t talk too much, you can make magic in the moonlight.


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