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1924 (Loar Period) Gibson A2Z Mandolin #79860


1924 (Loar Period) manufacture date (traditional estimates)
1926 shipment date, according to Spann's Guide to Gibson
Mandolin, Style A2Z
Serial 79860
Factory Order number: 1198x


Except for finish wear, this mandolin is about as original as you could hope for, with original finish, pickguard, bridge, tailpiece, and tuners. The label is marked "A-2", with no "Z", but except for the soundhole rosette and the tuners it's identical to the A-2Z models we've had in the past, so we're assuming it's a variant of some kind (there was no regular A-2 from Gibson between 1922 and about 1927, and this is from late 1924 according to the serial number). The tuners appear to be original in that there are no scars from another plate design. So is this an A-2Z minus? An A-2 Plus? It does have the double-bound top, unlike the earlier A-2 models, and the same finish color for the back and sides, neck shape, "snakehead" the "Z" models. So there, another minor mystery from Gibson!



From Gryphon Strings.
Frank Ford is on of the founders of Gryphon Strings. Frank is world-renowned as a master repairman and an expert on vintage mandolins. Gryphon often carries very nice vintage mandolins. Frank is also the author of, a website well worth the visit for instrument fans, luthiers, and repairmen

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