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Gibson F5 Mandolin #79833 Signed by Lloyd Loar 1924


Signed by Lloyd Loar 1924 manufacture date (traditional estimates)
1926 shipment date, according to Spann's Guide to Gibson
Mandolin, Style F5
Serial 79833
Factory order number unknown
Virzi Serial Number 10400


Labels defaced, bears all attributes of a 12/1/24. New tuners, F4 style tailpiece, exceptionally clean, no threads in pickguard hole. Magnificent, archetypal "Loar" chop. Stainless steel frets installed by Charlie Derrington.

Possibly "shoplifted" out of the factory prior to "stringing up". Prior to removal of label, assumed to be around serial no. 79838 to 79840. Some rumor that is impossible to verify is that the instrument was removed from the factory by Lloyd Loar himself.

In 2004, the owner steamed off the defaced label to reveal the pencilled-in serial number below, 79833. Pictures of the removed label that accompany this listing taken after that, obviously!

Nicknamed "Scratchy" by Charlie Derrington in honor of the scratched-off labels.


Categories this instrument is a member of

  • Superb condition
  • Unusual instrument


From Darryl Wolfe.
Darryl Wolfe's F5 Journal is the authoritative work on the subject of Loar-signed and later Gibson mandolins

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