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Gibson F5 Mandolin #76550 Signed by Lloyd Loar March 31, 1924


Signed by Lloyd Loar March 31, 1924 manufacture date (traditional estimates)
1924 shipment date, according to Spann's Guide to Gibson
Mandolin, Style F5
Serial 76550
Factory order number unknown
The instrument has a Virzi tone producer, but the serial number is unknown


Fern Loar, very nice condition.
Appeared on the Antiques Roadshow, presented by Fred Oster of Vintage Instruments in Philadelphia, PA.

Here's the PBS video from the Antiques Roadshow

Unrelated to the "Antiques Roadshow" instrument, an f5 mandolin with this serial number was reported as stolen Sept 10 2007, from Grand Canyon, AZ. The authenticity of the claim was called into question.


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  • Superb condition
  • Virzi


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