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Gibson F5 Mandolin #76081 Signed by Lloyd Loar September 18, 1924


Signed by Lloyd Loar September 18, 1924 manufacture date (traditional estimates)
1924 shipment date, according to Spann's Guide to Gibson
Mandolin, Style F5
Serial 76081
Factory order number unknown
The instrument has a Virzi tone producer, but the serial number is unknown


virzi removed, probably refinished by Gibson

From anonymous:
This instrument was purchased new in 1924-25 by a man named Adolf, whose last name is unknown to me. It originally had a Virzi that was buzzing due to a loose foot and was taken out of the mandolin the only way possible, in pieces.

There was and is a piece of one foot still glued to the top of the mandolin and the rest of it was put into a Ziploc bag and there it stayed until I found it in a drawer and the owner subsequently gave it to me.

I put every splinter of that thing back together the same way Gibson did Bill Monroe's mandolin, piece by tiny piece and there wasn't a piece missing when I finished except part of one foot that remained intact to the top of 76081. I kept it for years and used to stump people with it by asking them what it was. Buck White said at first glance it looked like a coaster then upon closer inspection said laughingly, "oh, why that's a Virzi tone reducer".

During this ownership is when I got to play it regularly and believe me I did so at every opportunity for 7+ years which ended in 1992. According to Gruhn, it had been at least partially refinished by Gibson in his estimation. I believe it was the wrong colors for a 24, it has too much red in it.


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  • Refinished instrument
  • Virzi


From Darryl Wolfe.
Darryl Wolfe's F5 Journal is the authoritative work on the subject of Loar-signed and later Gibson mandolins

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