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1922 (Loar Period) Gibson mv Mando-viola #70321


1922 (Loar Period) manufacture date (traditional estimates)
1922 shipment date, according to Spann's Guide to Gibson
Mando-viola, Style mv
Serial 70321
Factory Order number: 11729
Virzi Serial Number 10093


Ten string, A-model, mandola body, f-holes, headblock #11729, unique pickguard bracket (unlike 70281).

The Mando-viola's serial number appears in pencil, but there are no labels. Very well-established provenance of this being Lloyd Loar's personal instrument have always placed this as a "Loar" instrument

From Roger Siminoff: Scale length is 15 5/8". Tuning was Eb / Bb / F / C / Eb (bass to treble), but Loar was known to play it in various unusual tunings.


Categories this instrument is a member of

  • Maple back
  • Screwed-on pickguard
  • Unusual instrument
  • Virzi


From Darryl Wolfe.
Darryl Wolfe's F5 Journal is the authoritative work on the subject of Loar-signed and later Gibson mandolins

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