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1922 Gibson F4 Mandolin #67424


1922 manufacture date (traditional estimates)
1922 shipment date, according to Spann's Guide to Gibson
Mandolin, Style F4
Serial 67424
Factory Order number: 11548


Finished in what was to become the standard color for the new F-5 developed by Lloyd Loar, this late 1922 F-4 may not be unique, but it's one for the collectors. It's the third one I've seen, and it's obviously all original, and in a perfect state of preservation. The ones I've seen have nearly sequential serial numbers, ending in 3,4,6, and are almost 300 instruments earlier than the earliest known signed Loar F-5. So, was Lloyd interested in seeing how the new color would impress the management?

This one has the earliest iteration of the adjustable bridge, but no truss rod. Soon after this series, the classic red sunburst F-4 would gain the truss rod and slimmer neck, and lose its top-of-the-line status


Categories this instrument is a member of

  • Adjustible Loar-style bridge
  • Adjustible bridge with aluminum saddle
  • Cremona Brown (Loar style) finish
  • Prototype or experimental features
  • Unusual instrument


From Gryphon Strings.
Frank Ford is on of the founders of Gryphon Strings. Frank is world-renowned as a master repairman and an expert on vintage mandolins. Gryphon often carries very nice vintage mandolins. Frank is also the author of, a website well worth the visit for instrument fans, luthiers, and repairmen

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