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Gibson A3 Mandolin #66871


manufacture date (traditional estimates)
1922 shipment date, according to Spann's Guide to Gibson
Mandolin, Style A3
Serial 66871
Factory order number unknown


The white tends to yellow over the years but this one is still nice and white. Has the original tuners and tailpiece. The adjustable bridge is a modern Steve Smith Loar era reproduction and the pickguard is missing. No repairs noted but there is a patch on the bottom edge where the finish is missing. I would normally expect a jack hole repair here but none is evident. I suspect that a piece of felt was glued to the side to keep the mandolin from sliding off the lap while playing, and when the felt was removed it took the finish with it. Who knows? In any case its on the bottom edge and you do not see it when you play. Its still a great great sounding mandolin, plays sweet and has the deep woody tone you are looking for in a round hole Gibson. Nice low action was professionally set up


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  • White top finish


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