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Gibson R Harp Guitar #6298


manufacture date (traditional estimates)
1906 shipment date, according to Spann's Guide to Gibson
Harp Guitar, Style R
Serial 6298
Factory order number unknown


A delightful early Twentieth Century "state of the art" harp guitar, the style "R" was Gibson's small model, with six sub-bass strings. (The big "U" had twelve.) This one's in great original condition, and shows the flat-ish top and back carving typical of Gibson's early years. The back and sides are of walnut and - check it out - a one piece back! Many of the earliest Gibson instruments had walnut backs with cedar tops, but I believe this one has a spruce top. So what do the model letters stand for? "R" for "regular" and "U" for "ungainly?"


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  • Black finish
  • Orville Gibson Label


From Gryphon Strings.
Frank Ford is on of the founders of Gryphon Strings. Frank is world-renowned as a master repairman and an expert on vintage mandolins. Gryphon often carries very nice vintage mandolins. Frank is also the author of, a website well worth the visit for instrument fans, luthiers, and repairmen

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