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1916 Gibson K4 Mandocello #26088


1916 manufacture date (traditional estimates)
1914 shipment date, according to Spann's Guide to Gibson
Mandocello, Style K4
Serial 26088
Factory order number unknown


When this absolutely stunning scroll model leviathan came in it had some deficiencies that needed to be addressed by our workshop. The work has just been completed, and the cello has turned out to be magnificent: easy to play, wonderfully sweet sounding -- it roars with baritone bravado. Our shop has crafted a new replica bridge, provided and installed a “Gibson-” engraved and filigreed tailpiece cover, set it up to perfection and restrung it. It has its original elevated pickguard and side clip with the July 4, 1911 patent date. The cello shows very fine finish crazing overall, especially on the face, which is checked like an 1880s Steinway piano. It has its original Handel inlaid tuning buttons, common to the pre-1919 highest-level Gibson instruments. It is otherwise as it left the factory, showing far less than normal signs of playing time, having the original 1909 elevated pickguard with the July 4, 1911 patent stamp side clamp, but for having a few extra notches in the nut from when it may have, in the distant past, been used as a six-string guitar, and for the nearly unnoticeable, repaired, heel crack. If you already own a cherry finish A-4 mandolin, H-4 scroll model mandola, Style O scroll model guitar, and a cherry finish Gibson Style U harp guitar, then this rare piece will finally complete your Gibson Plectral Choir Collection. We’d like to see that happen.


Categories this instrument is a member of

  • Maple back
  • Red finish
  • Handel inlaid tuners


From Mandolin Bros..
Mandolin Bros. have a truly drool-worthy inventory, and are well known for Stan Jay's thoughtful, and often poetic instrument descriptions

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