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1915 Gibson H1 Mandola #23584


1915 manufacture date (traditional estimates)
1913 shipment date, according to Spann's Guide to Gibson
Mandola, Style H1
Serial 23584
Factory order number unknown


Serial # 23584. A super-fine pumpkin-top Mandola from the golden era of the mid-teens. This particular instrument is exquisite condition overall, and shows only minor wear to the frets and finish. It is completely original and intact, and having been set-up in our shop it plays as nicely as it looks. It is an under-the-bed special, the strings that we removed seemed to have been on this mandola for a long long time. The neck and fretwork are excellent, and the top's arch is the same as it was when it left Kalamazoo some 92 years ago... Ninety two years ago?! Yes, really. The finish is gorgeous, the nickel plating on the tailpiece and tuning machines is un-tarnished, there are no cracks anywhere on the instrument, and the tortoise-shell celluloid pickguard is intact and not showing any signs of the decomposition that oft plagues them. Have a look at the felt lining inside the original case - the color is unfaded... Best yet, this instrument sounds wonderful. It is loud when you want it to be, and subtle when you softly ask it. The high A string has life all the way up the neck, and there is a warmth that washed over you when you strum a big C chord in the first position.


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  • Purple-lined hardshell case
  • Orange or "pumpkin" finish


From Folkway Music.

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