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1914 Gibson J Mandobass #19781


1914 manufacture date (traditional estimates)
1913 shipment date, according to Spann's Guide to Gibson
Mandobass, Style J
Serial 19781
Factory order number unknown


Wow we got one! (see mandolin family page). Its huge and its beautiful in an ugly kind of way. These are rare beasts indeed. They were created by Gibson to complete their mandolin orchestras. Gibson claimed at the time that they produced 'deep and profound pulsations'. The truth is not so exciting. Contrary to previous advice the scale length is 'only' 42" and 65" tall, 25" wide. It is designed to be played either guitar style or upright and has an extending foot for each position. Tuned an octave below the bottom four strings of a guitar the sound is not all you might hope, (though I'm told a contact mike and good bass amp solve the problem), I've heard of a band that uses two. It has an original and very rare canvas case.

From The Acoustic Music Company


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  • Sheraton Brown finish
  • Unusual instrument


From Dan Beimborn.
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