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1914 Gibson F2 Mandolin #17010


1914 manufacture date (traditional estimates)
1912 shipment date, according to Spann's Guide to Gibson
Mandolin, Style F2
Serial 17010
Factory order number unknown


This is a clean and mostly original Gibson F-2 from the period in which blackface was standard. It has its original inlaid Handel tuners, "The Gibson" tailpiece cover with the requisite floral pattern, and its original patent-date pickguard with the patent date clamp. There is one change, however, and that's that the original owner, circa the mid '20s, had a then current Gibson “Pat. Jan 18, '21” adjustable bridge provided and installed. Not that this is a bad thing. The instrument shows only normal signs of playing, a few scratches and dings, string-changing pinpoint marks, a tiny chip in the paint at the soundhole at 11:00 o’clock on the dial. Our repair shop will have just performed a complete fret replacement and the instrument will, when you read these words, now be set up perfectly. The sound, however, is pretty spectacular. (F-2 mandolins shouldn't sound this good)


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  • Black finish
  • Handel inlaid tuners


From Mandolin Bros..
Mandolin Bros. have a truly drool-worthy inventory, and are well known for Stan Jay's thoughtful, and often poetic instrument descriptions

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