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1912 Gibson A Mandolin #16881


1912 manufacture date (traditional estimates)
1912 shipment date, according to Spann's Guide to Gibson
Mandolin, Style A
Serial 16881
Factory Order number: 1998


A true player's instrument, this completely refinished Gibson A built in 1912 might be the shiniest one we've ever seen. The original tuners work well, and it has very little fret wear. There is a repaired crack in the top running along the bass side of the fretboard, and there is some additonal wear along the treble side. The top has decent arch and it has an adjustable replacement bridge optimized for the instrument. It also has a strap-button in the heel for convenience. What this mandolin lacks in originality it makes up for in tone and volume, with plently of the woody response that make the teens Gibson A such a coveted instrument. 1 4/16" nut width. Serial Number 16881 (shipped 1913) FON 1998 (built 1912)


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  • Blonde or Natural finish


From The Music Emporium.
One of the country's oldest fretted instrument shops, The Music Emporium has its roots in the burgeoning Cambridge folk scene of the late 60's, when the vintage and fine acoustic instrument market had its first renaissance. For the over 40 years TME has seen thousands of instruments pass through its doors and has been privileged to both witness and influence the work of many of today's finest builders.

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