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1911 Gibson F2 Mandolin #10132


1911 manufacture date (traditional estimates)
1910 shipment date, according to Spann's Guide to Gibson
Mandolin, Style F2
Serial 10132
Factory Order number: 1199


The last of the "3-points"

This F-2 is a unique old timer. It's the last of the original Gibson "F" series. The earliest ones had a "forward pitch" neck, a very low bridge and an inlaid pickguard. This one shows the final stage of evolution before the "modern" designs that became the industry standard through the great period of production during the following ten years. It has the same neck angle and high bridge that's still typical today, and the first of the Gibson elevated fingerrests

And, I know something special about this instrument, because I was privileged to meet its original owner, who bought it new in 1911. Although it looks 100% original, in fact it has been refinished. It was returned to the Gibson factory in 1924 for refretting and refinishing, and to be fitted with a new case. Hey, look at that case! It's precisely the same case that came with the Lloyd Loar F-5 in 1924, but its original fitting is for the 3-point body shape.


Categories this instrument is a member of

  • Loar-Style case with something other than an F5
  • Case in very nice condition
  • Evidence of Later Gibson factory work
  • 3-point body style
  • Black finish
  • Double clamp pickguard
  • Handel inlaid tuners
  • Unusual instrument


From Gryphon Strings.
Frank Ford is on of the founders of Gryphon Strings. Frank is world-renowned as a master repairman and an expert on vintage mandolins. Gryphon often carries very nice vintage mandolins. Frank is also the author of, a website well worth the visit for instrument fans, luthiers, and repairmen

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