Torch and Fire

Torch and Fire is Dan Beimborn's second CD. The disk features instrumental American and Irish music played on mandolin, with a rich variety of musical partnerships and fine old instruments. The recording was originally inspired by a Loar F5 mandolin that appears on the majority of the tracks on this CD.

Guest artists include Tim O'Brien (fiddle, mandolin, 5-string banjo), Mike Bub (Bass), Kevin Macleod (mandolins, tenor guitar), Craig Harbauer (mandolins), Mark Conyard (mandolin, tenor banjo), Chipper Thompson (guitar), and Zan McLeod (guitar, bouzouki) in a variety of arrangements ranging from American Old-Timey and bluegrass through spirited settings of Irish jigs & reels.

Track Listing

  1. The Kilmoulis Jig / Alabama Rick's 3:02 (4.2Meg mp3 file)
  2. Liza Jane / Over the Waterfall 3:12
  3. First of October / Spirits of Whiskey / The Foxhunter's Jig 4:08
  4. Scotland 3:27
  5. Lark in the Morning / The Kesh Jig 3:08
  6. John Brennan's / Spootiskerry / The High Reel 3:21
  7. Ragtime Annie 3:18
  8. Jackson's Morning Brush 2:42
  9. The Concertina Reel / The Foxhunter's Reel 3:04
  10. Scarce O' Tatties / The Irish Washerwoman / The Mooncoin Jig 3:12
  11. Jenny's Welcome to Charlie / Paddy Fahey's 3:34
  12. Untitled Highland / The Duke of Perth 3:17
  13. The Colerane jig / Jim Beehan's / Hiudai Gallagher's March 3:05
  14. Gusty's Frolics 2:17

Also Available: Shatter the Calm

Please also take a look at my other CD realeased in 2002, Shatter the Calm. Shatter the Calm has more emphasis on my 10-string cittern or Irish bozouki, used as the main melody instrument on the CD. It also features contributions from Paul Kotapish and Zan MvLeod, as well as a few of my own compositions.

Both of my CDs are available through Elderly Instruments