[News] Shatter the Calm [Bio]

  1  Sliabh Russell / Peter Barnes / Indian Summer 4:20
  2  The Eagle's Whistle / Stenson's #2 / The Earl's Chair 4:12
  3  Midnight on the Water / Whiskey Before Breakfast 4:49
  4  The Hearty Boys of Ballymote / Dan Collins' Father's Jig /
      Con Cassidy's 2:53
  5  The Finnish Polka / O’ Keefe’s / Matthew's Polka 2:55
  6  The Battle March Medley 4:10
  7  Stirling Castle / The Shetland Fiddler 2:47
  8  Jackson's Morning Brush / I Buried My Wife and Danced
       on Top of Her 3:44
  9  The Hanged Man's Reel 2:44
10  Shatter the Calm: Let Down the Blade / Kielys Slide 2:40
11  Three Donegal Mazurkas 3:45
12  The Mason's Apron / Tam Lin / The Banjo Reel 3:49
13  Aires de Pontevedra 3:20
14  Shanne Bradley 3:43

Total Running Time: 50:31

Shatter the Calm is Available again
You can now Order Shatter the Calm from me along with my new release titled "Torch and Fire"

The Mandolin and Bouzouki are given equal prominence in this all-instrumental album, with tenor banjo, resonator tenor guitar, and harmonica appearing in a few spots for variety. Veterans Zan McLeod and Paul Kotapish provide accompaniment, and Anam Ri's Asher Gray makes a guest appearance on bodhrán.

Melodies composed by Frank Ferrel, Rick Gagné, Terry Woods, Liam Kelly, Shane MacGowan, and Dan Beimborn add to the mix of traditional Irish/Scottish/American/Galician/French Canadian tunes. The different mandolins & bouzoukis used are pictured & described in the liner notes.

The title "Shatter the Calm" comes from a quip a friend of mine once made. I'd just finished blasting out a pair of slides (track 10 on this recording) on the mandolin, oblivious to the fact that a session taking place down the stairs from me was completely disrupted by the clamor. He walked up after I'd finished and said "What was that called, "Shatter the Calm"?

If you like reading lengthy blather from bouzouki players, here are some expanded liner notes