My most recent CD is called Torch and Fire
I use this page as a sort of home for my various mandolin nerd projects. I play mostly Irish & American Fiddle tunes these days, and have a preference for the old Gibson mandolins. My friend Scott Tichenor of the Mandolin Cafe did a nice interview piece in June 2011, which covers a lot of the bases.

I've been the Mandolin Cafe's techie & sysadmin/server host for some years now. I all started out with an offer to lend Scott a hand when he mentioned some woes with keeping the message board running. I enjoy keeping it fast and well-oiled, and really feel good about being able to help unleash Scott on creating more interesting content by taking care of some of the technical headaches of running a popular web service.

The Mandolin Archive is my labor of love database of vintage and recent mandolins, covering the pre-war Gibsons, as well as the mandolins of some of my favorite modern builders. I take a lot of the photos myself, but I also have had fantastic amounts of help from instrument dealers and owners who love these instruments as much as I do. I'm incredibly grateful everytime someone mails me photos & information, and deeply in the debt of of the dealers who dedicate so much time to keeping me updated on what passes through their inventories.

I've done a couple CDs of Irish & American tunes, on a variety of old and new mandolin- family instruments. Here's a page with some details about the instruments used on "Torch and Fire". Most of the instruments I used on this recording are Gibson instruments that are listed here at the Mandolin Archive site I also operate.

My First CD is called Shatter the Calm, and you can read more about it here. You can order Shatter the Calm along with Torch & Fire from my newer "Torch and Fire" web page

I've put together several videos too, you can see them at my YouTube page