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There are many contributors to this site, without whose help this archive would not exist. One thing that's true about everyone listed below is a love of music, and an especial fondness for Mandolins!

Dan Beimborn
I'm the designer and author of this site, and also the guy who does all of the data entry. This database was originally going to be just a guide to the old Gibson mandolins, but I'm happy to say it got nicely out of hand from there.

I have 2 CDs in release with a fair amount of old Gibsons on them that you can look at on my CDs page. I occasionally perform and teach Irish Mandolin & Bouzouki. I also host the very busy Mandolin Cafe site on this server.

You can read an interview with me on the Mandolin Cafe

Scott Tichenor has done many things for the mandolin world, including creating the wonderful Mandolin Cafe website. He is a very helpful and encouraging person who helped to put me in touch with the right people, gently nagged me to keep things moving, and generously donated funds to get this web site off the ground.
Darryl Wolfe, author of the F5 Journal, has probably done more research on vintage Gibson mandolins (especially the F5 mandolins signed & dated by Lloyd Loar) than any other person alive. He contributed lavish details on the F5 mandolins (and many others) to this database, and many remarkable pictures & historical anecdotes that pepper this collection. If you have an interest in F5 mandolins, Darryl's books & photographs have no equal in the mandolin world.
Tom Isenhour and Darryl Wolfe first crossed paths in 1981. In a similar fashion to Darryl, he did his own research to add information to the 1970 Benny Cain list of Loars that was published in Bluegrass Unlimited. Tom went door to door in many cases, meeting with owners or relations of original owners from catalog images etc, documenting many instruments with photographs and notes in his own journal. These days, Tom is a freelance musician, vintage instrument collector, and dealer
Stan Werbin, owner of Elderly Instruments in Lansing, Michigan, gave the mandolin archive copies of Elderly's detailed records on Gibson Mandolins. The initial data comprised records on over 500 instruments, including many observations & crucial pieces of information that can be found nowhere else. Stan also very generously donated the use of Elderly's extensive photographic archives of musical instruments that have passed through their hands on the way from one musician to another.
Frank Ford is one of the founders of Gryphon Strings in Palo Alto, California. World-reknowned as a repair technician, Frank has also kept careful notes on over 2,000 Gibson instruments that appear in this archive. You are invited to join many another musician or instrument fananatic in viewing Frank's magnificent Frets.com web site.
Lowell Levinger, in addition to being a heck of a nice guy, presides over one of the finest inventories of prime Gibsons at his Players Vintage Instruments web site. Lowell has provided the archives with a number of photographs, descriptions, and opinions on features of vintage instruments.
Stan Jay, owner of Mandolin Bros. in Staten Island, New York is known to many as a poetic penner of magnificent musical instrument descriptions. Mandolin Brothers is known as a great place to look for vintage musical instruments. Their Mandolin Listings are capable of sucking you in for hours at a time.
Charles Johnson, has been playing, collecting and selling mandolins and other fine instruments for 20 years. His website Mandolin World Headquarters was a pioneer in internet marketing, having been online since 1995. There is always a fine selection of mandolins available, both Gibsons and small shop builders. Charles has provided the archives with a number of photographs and descriptions of vintage Gibsons.
George Gruhn is a new contributor to the Mandolin Archive, and one of the most knowledgable and experienced experts on vintage musical instruments in the world. Gruhn Guitars has been a fixture in Nashville for over 20 years, and continues to be one of the must-stop Mecca destinations for musicians around the world.
John West Collects all sorts of musical instruments, including an unparalled assortment of the earliest Gibson mandolins. Much of what we know about the Orville label Gibson instruments has been thanks to John's careful documentation and his remarkable collection of them. John also has several very nice Martin instruments and is involved with the organization of the Wintergrass Festival held every year in Tacoma, Washington.